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What is Flash2VoIP ?
Flash2VoIP is conventional SIP based video telephone written in Adobe Flash technology. It can be used to connect to almost any existing SIP service provider to make VoIP and Video calls through it. Flash2VoIP supports all known Betamax clones, including Actionvoip, Voipstunt, Voipdiscount, etc.

How do I make Video calls ?
It's simple. Make a call to a SIP URI and if remote side supports video feature (H.263 or H.264 codecs), both sides will start receiving video streams of each others.

Can I make video call from one Flash2VoIP user to another ?
Yes. Just register for you and your buddy accounts on GTalk2voIP network (do it right from the application), then call each others by entering corresponding username in dialing line.

Is it free to use ?
No, but we provide limited number of 5 mins demo calls. Flash2VoIP is paid-for service provided by GTalk2VoIP Inc. If you use your own SIP account, you have to pay a monthly fee of $5 to GTalk2VoIP Inc for being able to make uninterrupted SIP calls. All calls to phone numbers will be charged per GTalk2VoIP communication rates, no $5 fee required in this case.

If I use my SIP, does it mean I have to pay twice ?
Yes. You have to pay to GTalk2VoIP for the application and to your SIP provider for VoIP temination service (VoIP minutes).

Is it working in countries where SIP is blocked ?
Yes, Flash2VoIP is working fine on most providers which block SIP/VoIP, including UAE, Saudi Arabia, etc. It is possible that it can be blocked, but we will do our best effort to make blocking as hard is possible. If you think this site or the application is blocked on your network, please let us know.

Ok, what do I need to try it ?
Use existing SIP account from any public SIP provider to sign in, then you will be able to make 5 min calls. If you don't have any SIP accounts, you can register right from the application, but you will not be granted any demo credits. The only way to test connectivity in this case is by pressing "Test" button in the application to get connected to echo test service. You may request test credits by emailing us to

I'm connected, but how do I dial a phone number ?
This is all pretty straight-forward, yet some things depend on your SIP provider. Basically, you punch (or type in phone number field) your destination phone number then press Call button. Many SIP providers want you to dial numbers in international format prepending number with two leading zeros. Example: 00 44 781234567 is a phone number in UK, 00 91 1234567890 is some number in India.

I'm getting "Call hang-up: EndedByClientError-480", what does it mean ?
It means that the number you dialed was not recognized by your SIP provider, please check their web site to learn proper formatting. You can also try to prepend your number with 00 or + (plus sign), or on the opposite - remove any prefixes.

My call establishes Ok and I can hear remote side but I cannot be heard, what to do ?
When you start Flash2VoIP application, the Adobe Flash Player always asks you to confirm access to your microphone, so most probably you did not do this. To change this option, right-click on the application to invoke Flash Player settings, find "Microphone Access" option and set it to "Allow".

My calls go through, but the other side hears significant echo, how can I fix it ?
Current version of Adobe Flash Player does not support echo cancelation mechanisms, that is why your recipient can hear themselves through your speakers and microphone. The best solution for this issue is to use headsets. Another solution is to try to adjust mic and speakers to some level where you can hear your party well, but voice is not getting back into the microphone from your speakers.

How do I check my connectivity and voice quality ?
Flash2VoIP provides a simple mechanism to check voice quality. Just press Test button in the bottom of the application and it will connect you to Echo Test Service, which works like this: everything you say will be echoed back to you, so you could hear how do you sound to remote party. Use this service to adjust your mic and speakers.

This is so cool, how do I pay for to make my calls uninterrupted ?
When your call gets disconnected (after 5 mins limit is reached), you will be shown a dialog to access your personal account page on which you can proceed with the service sign up and payment. You can access your personal account page anytime by clicking on the Home icon in the top.

What payment methods do you accept ?
We accept all major credit cards through Paypal and Google Checkout.

Who made this cool application and service ?
This application and all the calling services come from GTalk2VoIP TEAM which is in NO WAY affiliated with Google.

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